Lid worden

What are the perks?

You get a big discount on your studybooks, which will be sold at the beginning of every semester. Just with this you already earn back the costs of the membership.

You can go to activities and parties organized by Itiwana for free (or with a small contribution).

You receive two times a year the ICA (semi-scientific antropological magizine) and four times a year the Bulletin (the more informal magazine) for free.

You meet people form different study-years. They can help you with your study. You can also visit 'Het Hok' (SB-07) to chill or to study.

You automatically become a member of the WDO (a discussiongroup about anthropological matters).

What are the obligations?

Paying contribution.

(Check how much down below)

How can you become a member?!

This is possible when you want to buy your books, but you can also stop by at 'het Hok' (room SB-07 at the FSW).

Furthermore it is possible to sign up through this link or to fill out this form and send it to, or to print it and send it to:

Study association Itiwana,
Wassenaarseweg 52 (kamer SB07)
2333 AK Leiden


Prices membership
(International) Student CA/DS, first and second year: €17,50
(International) Student CA/DS, third year and older: €12,50
(Pre-)Master Student: €12,50
Minor Student/ Exchange Student, 1 semester: €7,50
Minor Student/ Exchange Student, 2 semesters: €10,-
Staff member CA/DS: €12,50
Alumni CA/DS: €12,50
Donator: €15,-​


For all your questions about membership, mail to