Dear members of Itiwana and other interested visitors,

A new study year has begun! This means a new board of Itiwana, board XXVIII! This year we, Lin, Rémi, Roxanne, Tino, Thirza, Iza and Amber will make sure with lots of enthusiasm that it will be an amazing year with fun activities, adventurous trips and inspiring magazines. In the text down below we will introduce ourselves shortly!



Hi! My name is Lin and this year I will be the Chair of Itiwana and a guide to the First Years Committee. I am 20 years old and currently in my second year of the bachelor. I grew up in Dalfsen, a town in Overijssel, and I now live in Leiden – a city that is stealing my heart. I love dancing, cooking, going out for walks, music, and having good times with friends and family. I am always looking for new ways to discover the world and learn more, which is why I am extra excited for the upcoming year. I see a great challenge in making the most of it for everyone, despite the current circumstances. What I’m looking forward to most is getting to know new people. I am always open for doing a coffee or a tea, so feel free to approach me whenever you need a listening ear, have a question or just want to have a fun chat :). It will be an awesome year! 

You can contact me by sending an email to



Hi hi! I’m Rémi and this year I will be the secretary of Itiwana! I’m 19 years old and
currently in the second year of my bachelor. As the secretary I will be, among other things, checking the mail regularly, keeping the archive organized and taking minutes during board meetings and General Assembly’s, but when I’m not doing that, I’ll just be enjoying all fun activities of Itiwana. Besides that, I like to read, play the piano, listen to music, watch movies, go to parties, write something, chat with people, cook meals and do many other things. I always have way too much hobby’s. :’) Although the writing and
cooking part will be totally fine this year, since I’ll also be part of the ICA-committee and the Cooking-committee. Stay tuned for some cool magazines and food-related activities! If you have any questions, then you can of course always contact me via



Hii there! My name is Roxanne Hendrix and I am the treasurer for Itiwana this year. This basically means that I will keep track of where the money is going, and make sure we don’t spend it all in once ;) Apart from that, sustainability (in every aspect) is a big passion of mine, so my goal this year is to make Itiwana more sustainable by thinking of ways how we could make less waste and make more reuseable purchases. Besides having a passion for the environment, I am also avid of dancing. I have danced almost all my life, from twirling and ballet to modern and hip-hop. In the last few years I’ve lost track of this due to studies, but this year I’m gonna try to pick it back up! Some other random facts about me are that I’m really into spirituality, found my long lost love for Asian cuisine (as Tino introduced me to it), like to chill at the beach and do nothing, and always looking for the next quick getaway to explore the world (I’m looking at flights almost every other week….) One of my weird traits is that I forget a lot of movies that I’ve watched, so you can either take advantage of this and show me the same movie a dozen of times, or you will be annoyed with me for not knowing that famous scene in Starwars (believe me, I’ve watched them multiple times and still cannot remember a thing). I am very excited to be part of this year’s board, and I’m sure that we will make an awesome year out of it. Lastly, if you ever see me in the hallways of FSW or somewhere else, don’t be afraid to come to say hi and chat, I’m always in for a fun conversation! :) You can also send me an email at

Education officer


Howdy! My name is Tino and I am the education officer. I am a Spanish second year student, who will extend his studies because Leiden just gives us too many opportunities for us to engage ourselves in. My favorite CADS courses are Diversity and Development, Social Theories and Economy and Ecology, as they share a common drive for finding the best way to benefit minorities and societies. I personally love Pixar, Korean cuisine, manga, getting to know people and people helping me get to know our world better. This is why I wanted to become the education officer, as it gives me the opportunity to bring together CADS students with our common anthropological interests, both to learn more and enjoy doing so. I am also part of the programme committee so if you have any comments on your courses please let me know! You can contact me with questions, ideas or frog memes by sending an email to

Activities officer


Heeeeey my name is Thirza and I am in charge of the majority of activities organized by itiwana this year! I will also coordinate the really fun and cute informal magazine 'the bulletin' (please send in quotes/ funny stories/ poems etc :)) You can always whatsapp me with questions about intersectional sustainability, activism stuff and how to make your own activity a success. My goal of this year is to be super approachable since I'm quite introverted in that aspect and want to improve that skill :) I hope to see you all a lot! 

You can contact me by sending an email to

External Affairs officer


Hi, my name is Iza Blankendaal, I am 20 years old and a second- year student. I am the External Affairs officer and the Vice Chair of Itiwana. I currently live in Leiden but grew up in Alkmaar. I love shopping, literally love!!! If I am bored you can always find me shopping online, but I put myself on a clothing diet. So, three months without shopping… Pray for me :) I also love reading, I have read a lot in my life but there is still a lot on my list. Movies are also great, romcoms, drama and action (O and bad Christmas movies, which I think are amazing). When I am not reading, shopping or watching a movie you can find me together with friends. I like to go a little crazy from time to time… so I would
like to go skydiving, or bungee jumping but not certain about the last one. After my studies I want to do a master in journalism, and hopefully find a job as journalist. But first I will enjoy this year as board. I am an approachable person and always in for a chat.
If you have any questions you can email me at,

Communications officer


Hellooo! My name is Amber and I am the communications officer this year. I am 19 years old and I am in my second year, just like the rest of the board members. I just moved from Aalsmeer to Leiden, I love this city! Next to my study I love to play guitar, travel, surf, volleyball, sing, jump trampoline and to have good times with friends. I also really like photography and videography, and I will be able to use this passion as the chair of the photo committee this year! I will also be the chair of the cooking committee, even though I just learned how to cook, oops! If you have any questions, tips or recipes, feel free to send me an email at