Photo made by Veronie Rouschop

Dear members of Itiwana and other interested visitors,

A new study year has begun! This means a new board of Itiwana, board XXIX! This year we, Charlotte, Donna, Scott, Kim, Annika, Eva and Marthe, will make sure with lots of enthusiasm that it will be an amazing year with fun activities, adventurous trips and inspiring magazines. In the text down below we will introduce ourselves shortly!



Hello dear Iti’s!!!

My name is Charlotte van Straten and I am the Chair of the Board of Itiwana this year. My friends call me Char or Chair-lotte, but you guys can call me anytime ;) 
Cheesy pick up lines aside, I hope to have a brie-liant year with you guys :D (Last one I promise). As Chair, it is my duty to make sure that everything is running smoothly and everyone knows what to do. This also includes sending a ridiculous amount of datum-prikkers, joining every meeting I can think of, sending awkward emails and generally just a lot of random tasks that I pick up along the way! Apart from being a really cool person, I also do a lot of really cool things, such as making art, singing, and drinking a whole latte coffee (OK I lied, there was another one), directing school plays and randomly having therapy sessions. I also love dogs and cats, even though I’m allergic to both, have a tattoo and always have a song playing in my head, you could even say that I have a soundtrack to my life. 

Don’t be afraid to come to me for random life advice or just saying ‘Hi’ to me in the hok or hallways and feel free to text me or send a little note to



Hey there :) I’m Scott, I’m a big-year-old (21 🥲) and this year I’m the Secretary of Itiwana! You can recognize me by my brightly coloured propeller hat that I might be wearing from time-to-time 🚁🧢. This year I’m guiding the Travel Committee, which I’m very excited about! We are going to organise a magnificent trip for you in May, I can’t wait till it is finally time to go abroad 🌍! I was born in Leiden, but never actually lived there lmao. I’ve lived in Zoetermeer most of my life and I currently work at a garden centre there, so if you want any plants or little trinkets to flourish up your room, make sure to drop by :). Don’t ask me anything about plants though, I’m just a simple cashier hahaha. Go to Charlotte for any plant information stuff, she’ll know what to do 🌱. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, I often go discover the Netherlands on road trips with them and you can find me at the (ice) hockey rink in Zoetermeer almost every weekend! Make sure to follow the Zoetermeer Panters on YouTube so you can see my incredible filming skills        🎥 🏒, or come see one of our games!

Being seccie means I have to take notes during our (very fun) meetings and I have to respond to all your guys’ emails. Sooooo, if you have any questions or just wanna have a chat, you can always email me on, or just walk up to the tall guy with the propeller hat :). If there’s anything more serious going on and you need someone to talk to or just vent about your crazy studies, you can always come to me or my lovely fellow-confidant Kim. You can email us at, or come to our weekly confidant hour! 

I’m really looking forward to meeting all you guys and putting down an amazing year for Itiwana :)



Heyaa, my name is Donna and I'm the Treasurer of Itiwana this year!! Basically it means I’ll be the big bad boss who decides who can spend what and I make sure Itiwana doesn’t go broke.That all sounds very serious (and it is) but that’s definitely not all there is to me! I love dyeing my hair in different colours when I get bored and I think I have gone through all the colours of the rainbow by now. I also love tattoos and I have 4 now. If you ever have questions about tattoo places or need hair dye advice hit me up! One of my other passions is alcohol! That may sound odd but I'm a trained bartender and I love love making cocktails and annoying people with the history of different drinks. Besides that, I have discovered a passion for food and cooking as well! I enjoy making my own sauces, oils and just experimenting with ingredients. Right now I’m really into asian cuisine, so any tips, recipes or spontaneous trips to the market are always welcome! Also not to toot my own horn, but my tiramisu is the bomb and I will gladly make it for you if you ask <3.


You can always contact me on for anything! Or just hunt me down when I’m at the faculty or the hok, I’d love to have a chat! Also pls send me memes, I will treasure (haha) you forever :)


Hey hey!

I'm Kim, and I’m the very first Internal Affairs Officer of Itiwana. For all the older members, this position was formerly known as the Activities officer. This means that I’ll organize the drinks, hok-hours and guide the activities committee but also keep track of our board pillars. This year the pillars are; sustainability, inclusion & communication so if you have any suggestions or concerns about these themes please reach out to me! I will also be the chair  of the survival committee this year. I’m super excited about this because when I was younger I was always going on holiday by bike or backpacking, and now I get to share that with all you Itiwana members! Together with you, I’m also taking on the task of finding a new logo for Itiwana. For updates on this, look under the ‘New Logo’ tab. And if you want to contribute, please reach out to me! 

We also have two confidants this year, Scott and me. If you ever have anything that is bothering you about Itiwana, CADS or just need a listening ear for something else, please come visit Scott or me. Whatever you tell us will not be discussed with anyone else unless you want to. No matter how big or small it is, we will be there for you!

Maybe you can already see this from the amount of times I have already asked you to reach out to me, getting emails and postcards is really exciting to me, so if you want to reach me please send an email to or put a nice card in our (anonymous) mailbox :)


Education officer

Internal Affairs Officer

External Affairs officer


people call me Annika, but you can call me Education Officer. I am joking, of course. I am just Annika, but I will be the Education Officer of Itiwana for the coming year. I will take care of the book sales at the start of the semesters, and together with my wonderful Education Committee, we will organise a few educationally focused activities. I was born and bred in South Africa. I enjoy keeping in touch with my roots by listening to Afrikaans music, feeling the African beat through songs like Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba and daydreaming about the mountains. I moved to the Netherlands at the end of 2017. Now, I am 22 and a second-year student. I like going to the beach, even though I don’t go as often as I would like to. I get restless when I sit still for too long in the same place, and after a year of being walled in by corona, I am making up for lost time by travelling all over the place. I like finding geocaches in new countries and collecting postcards. I LOVE ice cream, and I personally believe that ice cream tastes better in the winter! :D 


Feel free to hit me up at to get some ice cream together or for some chats about life, music or clouds!

Hi everyone,

my name is Eva and I am this year's External Affairs Officer.  I am 21 years old, and a third year CADS student. As external affairs officer I maintain contact with Itiwana’s alumni and current as well as  new sponsors,  along with any other business concerning acquisition. I will also be the chair of the Acquisition and Alumni committee, and co-chair of our newly established Media committee. A little bit about me: I grew up close to the beach in Noordwijkerhout, but I have been living in Leiden for the past three years. I love to travel, either with other people or solo, which I try to do whenever I have time and money (and no covid). In my free time I play soccer, sing, play the guitar, and since the lockdown I am aiming to get 10.000 steps a day, so you might see me walking around the faculty every now and then. Come say hi (if you can keep up), because I am very excited to meet you all!


Hi, my name is Marthe and I am the Communications Officer of board 29! I am 19 years old and moved last year from the smallest town in Friesland, Warns, to Leiden. And even though last year was all online, through Itiwana I could still build up a social life. Because itiwana was so important to me last year, I decided to share the love and join the board this year! I will manage the social media of Itiwana this year and make sure the members of Itiwana know what kind of activities are being organised! Next to my board year, I like to paint and made the ICA cover last year. I also made a video and posted it on youtube, which accidentally got viral ;). You can always approach me if you want Itiwana to promote something or want to know what the viral video is!


You can email me at or say Hi to me when you see me walking by!


I am really looking forward to this year and am excited to meet you all!

Communications officer