Are you an international student at Leiden University and taking courses at the institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology? Do you like to get more acquainted with  fellow students? Then you’ve come to the right place. Itiwana has been the student association of CA/DS since 1994 and we offer a wide variety of services for our students. We organize fun activities where students can get to know each other better. We also help out with study-related things: we offer cheap study books, organize study related activities and maintain good contact with the faculty of CA/OS.

Bestuur XXVFrom left to right:
Above: Manon Delhaas (Secretary)
Middle: Bart Oude Kempers (Activities officer), Christien van de Pavert (Publication officer), Laure Lemeire (President)
Below: Lina De Los Rios Torres (Education officer), Linde Voorend (Treasurer), Claudia Nieuwenhuis (External affairs officer)

Itiwana has a board of 7 members:
President: Laure Lemeire (
Secretary: Manon Delhaas  (
Treasurer: Linde Voorend (
Activities officer: Bart Oude Kempers (
Education officer: Lina De Los Rios Torres (
External affairs officer: Claudia Nieuwenhuis (
Publication officer: Christien van de Pavert (

And  has 10 committees.
Activities committee: Organises different kinds of activities like  parties, benefit evenings and hitchhiking days.
Education committee: Organises study-related activities like readings and documentary evenings.
Study trip committee: Organises the yearly study trip.
Survival weekend committee: Organises the yearly survival weekend.
Photo committee: Takes photos at activities and organises photo workshops and photo contests.
Bulletin committee: Publishes seasonal magazines about Itiwana
ICA committee: Publishes semi-scientific magazines about anthropology
AA committee: Takes care of acquisitions and contact with alumni
Mentoraat: Organises activities for first year students. This committee consists of first year students only.
Lustrum committee: Organises activities to celebrate the birthday of Itiwana.

It’s easily possible to become a member of Itiwana for a flexible amount of time!

Price list membership:
International Student / Minor Student, 1 semester: €7,50
International Student / Minor Student, 2 semesters: €10

If you have any questions about membership or Itiwana in general please don’t hesitate to contact us!