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About Itiwana

Study association Itiwana was established in 1994 as an overarching organisation for pre-existing committees that were associated with the course Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. The name Itiwana originates from the language of the Zuni, a semi-nomadic people in North America. Every year, the Zuni assembled at a location that had a central function. This location was seen as the center of the universe, named: Itiwana. Itiwana’s logo references to a Kwakiutl sun mask, which consists of the colours: white, red, green and black.

Through the years, we have grown to become an active an approachable association consisting of more than 300 members. Our goal is to bring the CA-DS students together, to aid them during their course and to contribute to a great student experience. Becoming a member of Itiwana comes without obligations, except for paying the contribution fee. Becoming a member however, does have many benefits! As a member you receive a big discount on your study books, which you can buy at the start of every semester during the special ‘book sales’. With this discount, you immediately earn back your contribution fee! Furthermore, you can participate in all activities and parties for free or for a small fee. You will also receive the Bulletin (the member magazine) and the ICA (the semi-scientific magazine) for free.


All this is being organised and made possible by the committees within Itiwana. Every member is allowed to apply for a committee at the beginning of the year. Do you want to know more about all the committees that Itiwana has? Click here. Besides the fact that it is just really fun, you will also get to know you fellow students, and elder students who could help you during your studies. As a member of Itiwana you are also automatically a member of the WDO, a discussion group that debates and organises discussions about anthropological issues.


Click here for an extended history of the study association Itiwana.



Study association Itiwana is affiliated with the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology of the Factulty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Leiden University, but is an independent association. Leiden University is therefore not responsible for anything that concerns the association.

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