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Here you can find all the information you need to make your stay as comfortable and fun as it can be. Do you miss some information or do you think you can add something? Don't hesitate and mail to!


International Student Advice

They will give you information about

  • Student psychologists, counselors, advisors and coordinators

  • Training courses and workshops

  • Complaints procedures

  • Help with housing issues (except DUWO accommodations)

  • Academic concerns

  • Financial concerns

  • Assistance in requesting a DigiD code (required for rent and healthcare benefits)

  • Questions about health insurance

  • Requesting rent benefit

  • Finding a doctor

  • Childcare facilities

  • General questions about living in the Netherlands and everyday matters


Interested in stories from other international students?


Are the Netherlands not enough and do you want to study in another country?



(From top to bottom)

1. FSW Library

2. Banets Café

3. Leiden University Library (LUL or UB)

4. The KDG (Faculty of Law)

5. CoffeeCompany (Café in the heart of Leiden with free WiFi)

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