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LaSSA is a national collaboration of Cultural Anthropology students. All Cultural Anthropology study associations are represented in LaSSA. A delegation of students from Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen organise a few activities each year, including the professions day. On this day anthropology graduates give lectures about their jobs and what they are working on: a very interesting activity for future anthropologists! Besides the professions day, LaSSA organises a hitchhiking weekend to a foreign country every year. Contestants of all four study associations battle for the title! Keep an eye on the website for the next activities!




Click on the links to look at the other LaSSA study associations:

Kwakiutl – UvA Amsterdam

Umoja – Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Djembe – Universiteit Utrecht

EOS – VU Amsterdam

Other anthropological-organisations:

Dutch Anthropological Jobs Association

American Anthropological Association

You can find LaSSA’s half-yearly fincancial report here:

LaSSA Half-yearly financial report 2017/2018

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