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General information about Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Itiwana is the study association of the study Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA/DS in short). Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology is focussed on societies all over the world and their interconnectedness. How is cultural individuality defined in a world where flows of people, goods, and ideas become increasingly extensive? How does culture influence the ideals that people pursue during their lives? What does modernization mean and in which ways can the notion of sustainable development be given content? Anthropologists study these kinds of questions on the basis of fieldwork amongst other things and from a comparative perspective. 


Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology qualifies students for diverse societal and commercial functions. Students from Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Leiden have found jobs in, amongst other things, municipal or national government, international organizations (sustainable development, human rights, assistancy, environment, etc.), the media (journalist, photographer) and business (advertising agencies, organizational advice, marketing research). In addition, a limited number of students opt for an academic career.

For more information about the institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology you can click here. Here you will be able to found amongst other things information about electives, exam regulations, BSA, studying abroad, and so on. You can also take a look at the Study Guide

For information or to discuss problems on the area of the study and everything that comes with it, students can contact:


The study advisor:

Caro Aalderink

+31 71 527 2727


How can Itiwana help you during your study?

Do you want to follow a Bachelor Anthropology in Leiden? Itiwana helps you! Both your social as well as your academic career are enriched by a membership at Itiwana. Itiwana is strongly committed to the rights of their members in the field of education, offers cheap studybooks, internships, and study-related activities (for example an anthropologically sound study trip). Furthermore you get the possibility to get to know your fellow students better outside of the lectures. For more information about Itiwana, take a look at the page 'About Itiwana'. 

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