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The wise old, carrying along the heavy weight of their knowledge, grey out of worry for the world around, forming a circle around the fireplace. Slowly the oldest starts talking with a creaking voice, the conversation starts, old and new times blend together. The WOM is Itiwana’s advisory council, but also functions as confidential council and audit committee.


First of all, their role as advisory council: a few times a year six or seven of Itiwana’s old involved members come together to give both wanted and unwanted advice for Itiwana’s, which is conveyed through the board. The meeting just before the general assembly concerning the board change, where the future president and the president who is stepping down are present as well, is the most important one of all those  meetings. However, the WOM is striving to make the meetings with Itiwana’s president more frequent. During these meetings the WOM will advice Itiwana on big matters concerning policy, financial decisions, returning issues and specific problems around the presidency. The board or committees can turn to the WOM at any given moment during the year.


Secondly, the WOM will take on the important role of confidant. This means that the WOM can be asked confidentially for advice or mediation in case the board can not assist, or when the board itself is involved in a matter of confidence within the study association. This could be a matter of confidence, complaint or functioning problem within the board, within or between committee (and board) or between a member and the board.


Thirdly, every year the WOM forms a statutory documented audit committee. This committee performs a biannual audit check in april or may and also checks the financial annual report before the general changing assembly in octobre. The audit committee ought to give permission for the financial annual report before the board change occurs.


This year the WOM constitutes the following people:

Igor Boog, Sophie Frankenmolen, Simone de Boer, Bregje Schreuders, Sanne Hogesteeger, Nadia Teunissen, Merel de Schepper, Ruben Reus, Lizet Wesselman, Margot van der Meulen, Janita Sanderse, Tessa Kremer, Jemma Middleton, Eslin Cohen Stuart, Maarten Teunisse, Lenne Michiels, Samoa Greeve, Caroline Auée, Laure Lemeire, Christien van de Pavert, Manon Delhaas, Lena Kwakman, Veronie Rouschop en Amber Tolboom.

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