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About WDO

The WDO is an Interfaculty Ethnological Association. In 1928, students of ethnology -what is now called ‘’anthropology’’- felt the need to expand their conversations on anthropological subjects outside of the lecture halls. Thus, the WDO was founded. Over the years, the main concept of WDO has stayed the same; students from Leiden University meeting up on a monthly basis to discuss anthropological themes.   

History of WDO


The activities

The WDO board organises one activity a month. If you are a member of Itiwana, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the WDO. This means that you can come to our activities for free! The WDO activities surround anthropological themes such as culture, gender, media and current societal issues. During the activity there will always be a moment of discussion. Do not worry; these never turn out to be heated debates  Rather, it provides a moment of reflection to talk about the material and share our thoughts on the activity.  

WDO activities


WDO: An association for all students

Although the WDO is connected to the anthropological study association Itiwana, the activities are open to external members. This is because we believe that discussions about anthropological themes and current societal issues are relevant for every student. Debates become a lot more interesting when people from different disciplines come together to share their thoughts.


We hope to see you at the WDO activities!

wdo logo 1-01.png
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