Itiwana consists of ten committees: the AA-com, the Activities committee, the Bulletin committee, the Cooking committee, the Education committee, the Photo committee, the ICA-committee, the First Years committee, the Travel commitee and the Survivalcommittee. Furthermore Itiwana has one advisory body, the WOM. Itiwana also has some partners, like the WDO, the LaSSA, and more. Down below we will shortly introduce the Itiwana-committees.

aa com.jpg

The members of the Alumni and Acquisition committee this year are: Manon, Mai-Lu, Justin, Loes and Iza. We think of creative ways to earn money and are always on the look out for new sponsors. We are constantly brainstorming how we can involve and maintain good contact with the Alumni. We organize two alumni activities. Every 3 months we send the alumni a news letter to keep them engaged with Itiwana. With this committee you think outside the box: be original and creative:)


Did-you-know that Christmas trees used to hang upside-down in people’s homes? How about how to make Malva pudding? And that it is someone’s definition of ‘cosiness’ to be held like a baby by Jan Jansen? These are all things you only read in the informal magazine of itiwana: the Bulletin! Four times a year, this magazine is created by Anouk, Mai-Lu, Annika, Des and Thirza to give you all the insights you need in life. Send an email to if you would like to receive the Bulletin offline!

Education committee

Hey! We are the educational-activity-loving education committee. Made up by Charlotte, Aloíta, Will, Nienke, Ebba and Tino, we work on activities that bring anthropology students together around their passion. Our last activity was “Dark roots: systemic racism in the Netherlands”, in which both lecturers and students shared insights and experiences with the topic.


The ICA (Institute Cultural Anthropology) is a semi-scientific magazine that is published twice a year for Itiwana members. This committee is working hard to recruit or interview authors, write articles themselves, and make podcasts and documentaries: all to create an interesting yet accessible magazine for all members. This year the committee consists of: Rémi ten Hoorn (editor-in chief), Blithe Sun (lay-out editor and text editor), Marthe Baalbergen (lay-out editor and text editor), Matteo Bensi (lay-out editor and text editor), Wouter Keijzer (promotion member and text editor), Loes Moree (media member and text editor) and Liselot Voordouw (media member and text editor). Together we will make two beautiful magazines for you! Do you want to contribute to the ICA magazine, for example by writing an article? Then do not hesitate to contact us via!


With the survival committee we organize two weekends and the theme is of course survival. This year we plan a cycle weekend and a survival weekend. So, prepare for no luxury. This year the weekends will be organized by Maaike, Simon, Veronie, Mila and Iza.


This year’s activities committee has many hurdles to overcome: online promotion, online activities, online meetings… but they are super resilient and will fight for their chance to organize the itiwana prom! They organize one activity every month for members to get together and have fun. They have already organized a pub quiz, for example, and a DIY holiday preparations activity. Much more to come! Its members are savvy treasurer Floor, witty secretary Synniva, very cute external Anouk, enthusiastic promotor Alia and creative chair Thirza. See you at one of our activities!

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The Cooking Committee is new this year and has very 9 excited members with a passion for food! These members are (left to right) Rémi, Karmijn, Finn, Hilde, Amber, Marta, Thaïsa, Selina and Jet. Together, we will organize food-related activities like bake-alongs and a food festival, and we will be making food for the  Goodfood hokhours when they are allowed again. Furthermore, we will create a recipe book this year, so stay tuned!


The First Years Committee is a committee for and by first year students. This year it consists of Linde Schouffoer (Chair), Natacha Pittet (Secretary), Kim Meijer (Treasurer) and Daniela Tinca (Communications). Like previous years, they organize activities such as the parent's night, teacher's activity, the faculty days (ElCid and OWL) and the first years weekend in September. This year, and specifically in this Covid-time, they also come up with online activities, such as a game night and letter exchange, in order to give first years the chance to get to know each other better despite the social distancing. 


If you have any ideas or questions, you can send a message to

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The Photo Committee is responsible for eternalizing your memories during Itiwana activities. You will see us at every activity strolling around with the Itiwana camera. We also organize two activities a year, one of which was the photo contest in November, and the second one will take place in March. This year, the committee consists of Anne, Elian, Aranka, Emily, Amber, Annika, Daniela, Annika and Liselot.


Each year, the Travelcom organizes the amazing study trips that Itiwana is known for. We have taken our members all around the world; from Georgia and Albania to Morroco and much more. This year, we are planning a trip within our own country; The Netherlands! The team consists of Scott, Isabel, Teun, Pien, Anne and Roxanne. Stay tuned for updates about the trip and be prepared to have a hell of a time with us!