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Itiwana consists of eleven committees


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Would you like to join a committee but you’re not sure if you’ll have enough time/ Would you like to explore your business side to attract new sponsors for Itiwana? Then the AA committee is perfect for you! It is not a very time consuming committee, but you do engage with different aspects of Itiwana. AA stands for acquisition and alumni, and with the committee you will write 4 newsletters to our alumni, and organize 2 activities for them. You will also help increase itiwana’s money flow through sponsoring, so we can fund all its fun activities!

Activities Committee


Have you ever had an amazing idea for an activity, but no means to actually carry it out? Are you interested in organizing fun events for others and yourself? Then the Activities Committee is a perfect place for you, where you have a lot of freedom to come up with your own creative ideas, and brainstorm with your team about activities which you will organize together. Come and make this an exciting, welcoming, and memorable year for every single member!

Education Committee

Are there anthropology related topics that get your blood boiling you want to put in the spotlight? Do you want to emerge yourselve in the queations the arise from anthropology? Do you want to explore the connections between your passions and anthropology?Do you want to do all this through shared axperiences such as organising experiences and meetings with friends? Then this committee is for you! We will organise fun, educational activities focussingon creating a space for discussion about the topic or theme of the activity. We will organise at least three activities throughout the year, but more is always welcome. So, if this sounds like something you want to be part of, sign up!

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First Years Committee

Join our First Years Committee! In this committee you get the chance to get to know your peers and organize fun activities for your fellow First Years! You will also organize our amazing First Years Weekend! Are you a First year student and would you like to give your fellow students an amazing year? Sign up for the First Years Committee!

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ICA Committee

Are you curious to know what goes on behind the scenes of making a magazine? Well don’t hesitate any longer and go find out by joining the ICA! This is the semi-scientific magazine of Itiwana from wich you can be a part. As a member of the ICA-committee you will recruit or interview authors. Thee will also be an opportunity to dive into your own creativity by writing a piece yourself. In addition to the printed ICA, there will be an online version that can contain a documentary or a podcast. Are you interested to start working on this amazing magazine with a great group of people? Then don’t wait and join the ICA-com!!

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Media Committee

Would you like to help start up our new podcast? Would you like to explore your creative side? Do you like to write blogs, interview others, or have movie nights? Then Mediacom might be something for you. We are very excited to tell you that this year Itiwana will start its own podcast. We have full creative freedom, so you can help form the newest medium of itiwana. Apart from the podcast we will also write blogs about Itiwana events or (literally) anything else. We will also have monthly recipes and movie nights. So if this sounds like something you would like to participate in, then don’t wait and join the mediacom!


Photo Committee

Are you the self-proclaimed photographer of your friend group? Are you interested in photography and would you like to learn even more? Or are you a beginner taking just starting to figure out how a camera works? Then the Photo Committee is definetly the one to join. Apart from taking pictures at all major events of Itiwana, you will also help to organise other photo related activities, like workshops and fieldtrips. If this sounds like your cup of tea, sign up now and maybe we will see your photos on our instagram page or website this year!


Survival Committee

Do you enjoy camping, (hitch)-hiking, and sleeping under the stars? Do you want to share this experience with your fellow Itimembers? If you do then the Survival Committee is the committee for you! Organize an amazing hitchhike weekend somewhere in Europe and get back to basics with your fellow Itis during our survival weekend!

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Travel Committee

Every year our Travel Committee organizes our Iti-Trip to a destination you can decide! So if you are adventurous and like both traveling and organizing a trip this is the committee for you! In this committee you will get to decide where we go and what we will do, all while being part of this amazing journey. Already excited? Sign up for the Travel Committee!

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Lustrum Commitee

This year is Itiwana' s Birthday!!! and in order to celebrate, we have the lustrum committee! Join the lustrum committee to organize the Lustrum week and some other activities throughout the year! These can include plays, laser tag, trips and much more !!


Cooking Commitee

Do you enjoy cooking and teaching others how to cook? Or do you want to join a nice and friendly environment in which you can learn to cook, manage your groceries and lots of other food-related student life endeavors? The Cooking Committee has been brought back for this purpose, and if this sounds like fun for you, make sure to join! 


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