The ICA (Institute for Cultural Anthropology) is the semi-scientific journal of Itiwana, study association Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the Leiden University. The ICA appears twice a year. The ICA contains semi-scientifical publications about anthropological subjects combinated with subjects about other disciplines, which gives a broader view on anthropology in life.

ICA Committee 2020-2021

Blithe (Xiangjun) Sun, Liselot Voordouw, Loes Moree, Marthe Baalbergen, Rémi ten Hoorn and Wouter Keijzer


ICA Committee 2019-2020

Roos Capel, Rémi ten Hoorn, Irene Midttun, Loes Moree, Veronie Rouschop and Ole Witte.

ICA Committee 2018-2019

Lotus Bueno de Mesquita, Tessa van Hooijdonk, Willemijn Punt, Veronie Rouschop and Anouk Zilverentant.