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New Logo's

On this page, Itiwana will share the information about our new Logo. Like brainstorm session and decisions. 

Hi! We are the Logo Think Tank, which consists of a couple of anthros from all kinds of years of our study who are excited about designing and have heart for the association!


Information about the Cultural Appropriation and Process of making the potential new Logo, click here.


For a few years already there have been talks about a new logo, but last year, board 28 set things in motion by organizing the Itiwana Day, discussing the meaning of Itiwana and the logo for us as a student community and the origin of the current logo. 


We feel that the current logo disaligns with Itiwana, because the current logo was heavily inspired from people who we do not have contact with nor consent from. The fact that we don't really know where the mask comes from already shows a lack of inquiry, consideration and respect in taking over a symbol of a community, who weren’t at all aware of this. In that way, mistakingly cultrually appropriating the Sun mask to our association. 


As a CADS association, we want to make sure to have a logo that isn’t inconsencously taken over from other people but one that is ours and that will present our Itiwana. 


Anthropology students in the current day and age focus on understanding and respecting cultures in our studies. We feel that the logo follows the past tradition of focusing too much on exoticizing the ‘other’. Therefore, we feel that the origin of this logo does not align with who we are today, and we would like our logo to reflect this progress. 


Please know, that we do not assign blame to the creator of the logo - but times have changed, it is not appropriate and we are taking steps to change this.


For now, we decided to keep the name. It’s rough translation is ‘meet in the middle’ and it is an emic term from Azuni.*** We spoke with a man from the Azuni about our use of the symbol, who had never heard of our association. The mask wasn't from the Azuni but he urged us to not keep the mask that is in current use. 


We have noticed that people have made associations with the current logo and their personal experiences with Itiwana. However, we want a logo that is representative of who our association is now, as opposed to at the time it was created. 

For any questions or recommendations, you can reach us at

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