New Logo's

On this page, Itiwana will share the information about our new Logo. Like brainstorm session and decisions. 

Hi! We are the Logo Think Tank, which consists of a couple of anthros from all kinds of years of our study who are excited about designing and have heart for the association!

For a few years already there have been talks about a new logo, but last year, board 28 set things in motion by organizing the Itiwana Day, discussing the meaning of Itiwana and the logo for us as a student community but also for the people we got our logo from: the Zuni tribe, located in what we now call Arizona, USA. We discovered that the current logo of Itiwana is inappropriate, and that finding a new one is not easy. We want to include you in this process, so that everyone can feel included in the decision-making. 

For that reason, we would greatly appreciate any input you can give! If you haven’t already, please fill in our questionnaire or mail us at:
We would like to have the final design by July this year. In order to come to this, we are currently working on gathering opinions, views, ideas, etc. on what Itiwana means to you. Soon, we will start the process of actually visualizing these ideas.

Keep an eye on our socials or on this page to stay up to date!