Iti to Luxembourg!

March 6, 2022

By Marthe Baalbergen and Elisa Peset Martin

Feat. The brave Hitchhikers

Mid february some of our iti-members went on a hitchhike weekend to Luxembourg-City. On the way there, they stood on the side of the road with either their thumb in the air or with a piece of cardboard with a destination written on it. They were picked up by different people from different places, so we asked the pairs what their favorite ride was.

Unfortunately, the 18th, the day everyone hitchhiked to Luxemburg, was the day storm Eunice tormented The Netherlands. The hitchhikers had to stand in the wind and in the rain while waiting for their next ride. Luckily these bad conditions sometimes made drivers feel sorry for the hitchhikers and pick them up. This was the case for Anne and Joey.