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Recipe Of the Month


Hello dear readers,

This month we’ll be doing the recipe a little bit differently. Because with today's groceries prices no one has the time or money to cook grand meals for themselves, we’ve got jobs to get to people! So, today’s recipe will be a recipe on how to keep your wallet full, and your kitchen fuller. Follow these 5 tips and you are guaranteed to feel like an absolute kitchen mastermind (at least I do).

Starting of easy: here are some life-hacks for your everyday cooking and ingredients:

Trick number 1, spring onion can add a little flare and flavour to a plethora of easy-at-home recipes. If you leave the roots of your spring onions in a can of water, er even plant them, they will keep growing, so make sure to leave some green on the stem when you clip them.

Number 2. Love salad but your lettuce gets soggy before you can finish it? Put a paper towel in your bag or container to absorb the excessive moisture and your leafy greens will stay fresh and crunchy for you to enjoy later!

Number 3. Meal prep is essential to making cooking easier and less time consuming, take some time over the weeken or on a free evening to cook a larger portion of somthing you love and freeze it so you can eat it over the week on days that your too busy making dough.

These following tips might be a bit much for the beginner in the kitchen, but if you know your way around you should be able to follow these tips easily!

Tip number 4. Everytime you chop your delicious veggies there’s always a large scoop of peels and organic waste that you throw out. If you save these leftover ingredients and freeze them, you can use them to make a delicious soup! Just save the veggie waste in your freezer until you have enough to make a broth and you can use that as a base for delicious soups and sauces in your other recipes.

And finally, tip number 5.

Make sure you stock up on ingredients with a long shelf life! I myself make sure to always have some canned tuna, beans and tomato paste in my kitchen cabinets. Of course you can switch this out with any other canned or dried foods, just make sure that they’re adaptable ingredients that you can use in a number of recipes, this way you can keep being creative with your meals!

I hope some of these tips and tricks have inspired you to take a different look at your everyday ingredients, and maybe even how you approach cooking in general! I know it can seem intimidating to read all of these elaborate recipes sometimes, so here’s a final tip to get you (re)started on your kitchen adventures:

Don’t be afraid to experiment and fuck up sometimes! You learn by doing, and making mistakes is just part of the progress.

Keep cooking,

The Media Committee

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