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The Start of the Mediacom!

November 19 2021

By Eva van der Boog

We are very proud to, for the first time ever, introduce the “Mediacom”. This year board XXIX decided to merge the photo committee and the Bulletin committee and establish the Media Committee, with Marthe and Eva as co-chairs. The mediacom creates content at Itiwana events, striving to do so not only in the form of pictures, but also to explore different ways of displaying content that we can show on our social platforms. This year we also have an Itiwana blog on our website! This is also part of the mediacom. Here we will post different columns, written by members of the mediacom, as well as others. Think about monthly recaps of Itiwana activities, interviews with members or teachers, sent in letters or opinion pieces, recipes, games, or recurring columns. One thing we are very excited about is the “Humans of CADS” column, which will become a monthly feature. Inspired by the Instagram page “HumansofNYC” and “HumansofAmsterdam”, we want to explore and introduce everyone to people within our CADS community through “Humans of CADS”. The first steps of the Mediacom are being taken as we speak, such as a photography workshop in Leiden by a CADS alumni. We hope you are just as excited as we are, and expect to see a lot more from us soon!

The Mediacom

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