What do we want: Climate justice! When do we want it: NOW!

November 24, 2021

By Linde Schouffoer

At the station it was crowded, people from all generations came to Amsterdam by train. Students, adults, mothers with children and grandparents. The climate march is something that is important for everyone, because it's about our future. There were many parents with (young) children, but also adults and elderly people who are concerned about the world they are leaving behind for their children and grandchildren. More and more people are asking themselves this question and they think about what they can do. Some choose to eat vegetarian, others choose sustainable transport options and others buy solar panels. People try in their own way to contribute, but that's not enough. The purpose of the climate march was for politicians and multinationals to take action. There are also changes needed on a larger scale, our good intentions as citizens will not get us there.